Lucia Light Experience at Mr Vitamins Clinic

The Lucia Light is a new opportunity to experience a profound sense of wellbeing – just by enjoying a session at the Mr Vitamins Clinic. Mr Vitamins founder and owner, Abraham James was so impressed with his own experience and the benefits he received that he asked practitioners Richard and Sian to make this available to the Mr Vitamins community. Here is what Abraham and his wife Helen have to say about Lucia:

I am very proud to bring the Lucia Light experience to the Mr Vitamins Community. Richard and Sian are master practitioners and their work with the healing power of light through this Lucia Experience is very valuable.

When I experienced the Lucia Light it changed my state very quickly to a calmness that has had a lasting effect on me. Nothing else had done this for me previously in a way that the Lucia Light has. I highly recommend the Lucia experiences to anyone committed to their health.

The monitoring software that Richard uses as part of the Lucia experience is very useful to show you the ‘before’ and ‘after’ patterns and ‘colours’ of your brain. You will see and experience the benefits immediately

Abraham James
Mr Vitamins founder

The benefits of the Lucia Light are quite profound and long-lasting. I’m enjoying the benefits many weeks after I first was able to have a session.

I still have a deep feeling of relaxation each day.

If you are keen to experience a profound sense of wellbeing and unity with life, I highly recommend this.
Richard and Sian are a delight to be with and their commitment to supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing is truly inspiring.

Helen James
Mr Vitamins Co-founder